Pittsurgh Steelers

The Pittsburg Steelers were established in 1933 along with the in-state Philadelphia Eagles. Like many of the older teams, the Pittsburg Steelers had a gang of uniforms in the early years. In the 1950's and the early 1960's the Steelers wore gold helmets featuring the player's numbers. They also wore black jerseys with gold numbers.


1970's Uniform

The helmets did not get the current logo until the 1962 season when Republic Steel suggested the Steelers place their Steelmark on the helmet so the team could represent the steel community.

Steelers Helmet

Gold Helmet of '62

The equipment manger at the time was skeptical about how the logo would look on the gold helmet, so he only put the decals on the right side of the helmet. Later that year the Steelers made the playoffs and the tradition stuck.

Current Uniform

The next year the team decided to go with black uniforms to make the decal stand out more.

In the late 60's the Steelers fooled around with several uniform design, and in 1968 the Steelers started to wear the same uniform that it does today.

The Pittsburg Steelers have only retired one jersey: #70 Ernie Stautner.