Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks entered the league hand in hand with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their uniforms were not as wild as the Buccaneers, but they were different.


1980's Uniform

The helmet was silver and had a logo of a bird on each side. The bird was made of blue and green colors. The Seahawks home jerseys were a bright blue color that matched with silver pants.

In 2002, the Seahawks came up with a fresher logo and a new color scheme. The bright blue was replaced by a darker blue, the green was replaced with a bright neon green, and the silver was replaced by a metallic bluish-gray color.


Current Uniform

That bluish-gray color is now the home jersey color. The Seahawks often were those jerseys with a matching color pant, but sometime wear white pants too.

The Seattle Seahawks have retired just two jerseys: #12 (fans/the twelfth man) and #80 Steve Largent.