Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins entered the NFL in 1932. The Redskins have had a plethora of uniform designs since 1932.

In the 1950's the Redskins wore a gold helmet with a red stripe down the center.


1960's Uniform

In 1956 the helmet was painted scarlet and a yellow stripe was added. From 1959-1964 they wore maroon helmets with a feather down the center of the helmet. From 1965-1969 the maroon helmet had an arrow logo and they helmets were replaced in 1970 with a yellow helmet the featured a red circle with an R embedded in it. Then the helmet made its last change in 1972 where it donned the Redskin logo that is on the helmets today.


Current Uniform

The Redskins have only retired #33 Sammy Baugh's jersey.