Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens were first established in 1996. Football returned to Baltimore for the first time in 11 years, but in the most controversial ways.

Baltimore Ravens

Orginal 1996 Uniform

The Cleveland Browns, one of the most prized organizations in the NFL, was relocated by owner Art Modell. The Raven nickname was selected by the community and was inspired by the poetry of former Baltimore resident Edgar Allan Poe.

In the Ravens short history they have already had a logo change and a Super Bowl victory (something the Cleveland Browns have never done). The first helmet logo featured a “coat of arms” look with a capital “B” and the team nickname inside. On the outside of the crest a pair of wings where spread out. In 1999 the helmet logo was changed to a purple Raven with a capital “B” on the side of the head.

Baltimore Ravens

Current Uniform

The font of the numbers on the jerseys made a change the same year.

The team has always worn purple jerseys at home with the exception of an alternate black jersey that was introduced in 2003. Currently there are no retired Baltimore Ravens jerseys.