St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams were introduced to the league in 1937 as the Cleveland Rams. The team later moved to Los Angeles in 1946, and then moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 1995. The Rams were the first team to have some type of a logo on the helmet. Halfback Fred Gehrke painted the very first NFL emblem on a helmet in 1948. That same helmet logo is still being used by the Rams to this day.


1980's Uniform

The Rams have had very similar uniforms for a long time. In the late 1950's the team wore dark blue jerseys with yellow numbers and yellow stripes on the sleeves. The helmet was dark blue and had the curling ram's horns on the sides. In 1966 the team decided to stop using yellow and white went in its place. In 1973 the uniforms got more colorful again, and the yellow was back. This time the uniforms had curling ram's horns on the sleeves. This would be the jersey the organization played with until 2000. In 2000 the Rams redesigned their uniform and inserted gold on the helmet in place of the yellow.


Current Uniform

The jerseys now look a lot different and have introduced gold and white trim. The pants are also gold.

The St. Louis Rams have retired the following jerseys: #7 Bob Waterfield, #29 Eric Dickerson, #74 Merlin Olsen , #78 Jackie Slater, #85 Jack Youngblood.