New York Jets

The New York Jets were established in 1960, and just like their New York counterparts, they have gone back to a throwback uniform of yesteryear.


1960's Uniform

In 1963 the New York Jets first wore a helmet with an airplane on the side with the team nickname embedded into the side of the plane. That logo was scratched and later replaced in 1964 with a white football shaped logo with the nickname NY Jets embedded in the center in green font. After the '64 season the logo was replaced by a inverted color logo that had a dark green football shape and white lettering. The home jerseys were dark green and had large white stripes on the shoulders and white sleeves. This was the uniform worn by Joe Namath in Super Bowl III.


1980's Uniform

This uniform was the same until a new design was introduced in 1978.

The new helmet and jersey were all green. The helmet had a white logo with the team nickname. Above the nickname was a futuristic jet.


Current Uniform

The jersey was all green and had white letters. This design was on the field for a couple decades before the organization decided to go back to the uniforms that Joe Namath made famous.

The New York Jets have currently retired the jerseys of: #12 Joe Namath, #13 Don Maynard, and #73 Joe Klecko.