Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles were established in 1933, making the franchise one of the league's oldest. The Eagles went through a series of uniform modifications in their early years. In 1948 the Eagles donned a feather like logo down the center of their helmet.

1980's Uniform

This helmet design was change in 1950 to just a plan green helmet with a silver stripe down the center. The stripe was changed to white in 1954, and in 1957 the colors were inverted and the helmet was white and the stripe was green. In 1958, the first silver wings appeared on the side of the green helmet. In 1969 the green helmet got a set of white wings for road games, home games the Eagles wore the inverted color helmet. A series of helmet changes were made until they went back to the green helmet with silver wings that Ron Jaworski wore.

The Eagles then made a uniform and helmet change in 1996. The shades of green got darker and the color black was imported to use as a trim color.


Current Uniform

The black trim is used on the helmet and the jerseys. The Eagles also have an alternate black jersey and matching black pants for some home games.

The Philadelphia Eagles have retired the following jerseys: #15 Steve Van Buren, #40 Tom Brookshier, #44 Pete Retzlaff , #60 Chuck Bednarik, #70 Al Wistert, and #99 Jerome Brown.