San Diego Chargers

In 1960, the San Diego Chargers became a franchise, at the same time they made NFL uniform history. The Chargers uniform worn from 1960-1973 is considered one of the best ever.


1960's Uniform

The Chargers wore a sky blue jersey with yellow lightening bolts on the sleeves. The helmet was white and also had the lightening bolts along with the players' number. This uniform design was pair up with yellow pants later in the decade. In 1974, the Chargers went with the same uniform layout but darkened the blue. The helmet was also changed to dark blue.

The Chargers went with this design until 1985 when the switched to an even darker blue. The numbers stayed yellow. In 1988 the Chargers went to an ever darker blue and changed the uniform numbers to white.


Current Uniform

This is the current state of the San Diego Chargers uniforms. However, every year for at least one game the Chargers wear the uniforms that are regarded as the most popular in the history of the NFL.

The Chargers have retired only one jersey: #14 Dan Fouts.