Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are technically one of the oldest teams in the NFL. The origins of the franchise date back to 1898 when Chris O'Brien formed the Morgan Athletic Club in Chicago, Illinois.

Arizona Cardinals

Uniform used until 2004

O'Brien bought used red jerseys from the University of Chicago that he called a 'Cardinal Red," hence the nickname of the franchise. In 1920 the team known as the Racine Cardinals but was changed to the Chicago Cardinals after two seasons. In 1948 the team moved to St. Louis, Missouri and then later moved to their current location in Phoenix, Arizona in 1988.

The Arizona Cardinals' uniforms have stayed consistently the same over a number of years. When the team was originally in Chicago they used the cardinal red jerseys that O'Brien bought. Since then, no matter the location of the franchise, they have worn cardinal red jerseys at home. Only minor details have changed since the early years of the team.

When the team moved to Arizona, the state flag was added to the sleeves of the jerseys. In the spring of 2005, the Cardinals introduced their first major uniform changes in over a century.

Arizona Cardinals

Current uniform

The new jerseys include several design trim lines and more use of color. The back of the jersey features the cardinal logo just above the last name of the player. A detail that is unlike any other team. The new design included an update to the cardinal on the helmet.

Retried Arizona Cardinals uniforms: #8 Larry Wilson, #40 Pat Tillman, #77 Stan Mauldin, #88 J.V. Cain, and #99 Marshall Goldberg