Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns' first season was in 1946. Paul Brown was the organization's first head coach. The Browns are another team that has not seen any significant changes in their jerseys and helmets.

Cleveland Browns

Orange Leather Helmet

The Browns are the only NFL team to not sport a team logo on the sides, and have been like that for the majority of the franchise history.

When Cleveland just began, they wore leather helmets. The first Cleveland Browns helmet was white, and was permanently changed to orange in 1952. During the 1950-51 seasons the Browns wore orange painted helmets at night.

Cleveland Browns

Jim Brown

The 1952 helmet featured a white stripe down the center. This helmet would be used until 1957 when the Browns wore a helmet with the player's numbers on the sides. In 1962 the Cleveland Browns helmet that is still protecting Browns players was returned.

The jerseys have gone through a number of sleeve changes. In a period between 1970-1985 the organization had a number of sleeve stripe changes.

Current Uniform

Currently there is an “AL” emblem in the stripes of the sleeves in honor of the late Al Lerner, team owner that resurrected the Browns in 1999.

The Cleveland Browns have retired the following jerseys: #14 Otto Graham, #32 Jim Brown, #45 Ernie Davis, #46 Don Fleming, and #76 Lou Groza.