Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos were established in 1960. Denver had probably one of the most interesting uniforms in league history. When Denver was established, the team owner bought their jerseys used to save money.


Vertical Stripes Uniform

As a result, the Broncos' colors were mustard yellow and brown. The most infamous aspect of those uniforms was the vertical striped socks. The public hated the socks, and the team held a public bonfire where cheering fans watched the socks go up in smoke.

The Broncos moved on in the mid-60's to a more colorful scheme: orange and blue. The new jerseys featured thick strips and the shoulders and sleeves. The new helmet was orange and had an interesting looking bucking bronco.


Early 60's Uniform

These jerseys only lasted for a couple of years before the famous “Orange Crush” jerseys where introduced.

In 1968, the orange helmet was replaced with a blue helmet. The logo featured a bucking bronco coming out of a D. The jerseys were bright orange and featured thin stripes on the sleeves. These jerseys were made famous during the late 70's and 80's.


John Elway's Uniform

After the 1996 season the Denver Broncos introduced and new logo and uniform design to their uniforms. The new jerseys feature a streak that runs down the sides of the player. The jerseys switched from the famous orange to a dark blue.

Current Uniform

The helmet logo was replaced with a swift looking bronco.

The Denver Broncos have retired the following jerseys: #7 John Elway, #18 Frank Tripucka, and #44 Floyd Little