Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills' first season came in 1960. In the past 40 plus years, the Buffalo Bills have made significant changes to their Sunday garb three times, sporting four diffent unifoms.

In their first season, the Bills wore light blue and silver jerseys and helmets. The helmets were all silver with a light blue player's numbers.


1974 Uniform

After that first year the helmet was switched to a white one that featured a red bison on the side. The jerseys were a bright blue with white and red striping on the shoulders. These jerseys were worn during the OJ Simpson era in Buffalo, but in 2005 these jerseys were introduced as the team's alternate throwback jersey. The community, the team and the NFL population loved the jersey's so much they wanted to continue to wear them the remainder of the season, but the NFL has limited the use of the alternate jersey to just three games per year.

In 1974 the jerseys and helmet logo made a significant change. The bison on the helmet was no longer standing. The bison was changed blue with a red streak that gave it a charging look. The home jerseys stayed blue, but the shoulder trim was removed and placed on the sleeves. In the mid-80's he helmet would soon make a switch from all white to all blue.


1992 Uniform

These jerseys were prominent during the Jim Kelly era of the Bills.

In 2002, the Bill's helmets featured new stripes down the center, and the jerseys were completely renovated. The royal blue of old was replaced with a much darker blue.

Current Uniform

Red and white pipe trimming are now on the jerseys and the pants.

The Buffalo Bills have only retired Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly's jersey.