cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals first NFL season came in 1968. The founder of the team, Paul Brown, was famous in the football world for coaching the Cleveland Browns.



Soon after his retirement, Brown decided he wanted to get back into football once again. His efforts established a new NFL franchise in Cincinnati.

The Bengals' first season in 1968 featured uniforms that were very similar to their in-state neighbors and Brown's past franchise: the Cleveland Browns. The uniforms were black with orange striping and the all orange helmets featured the Bengals nickname on the side.


1992 Uniform

This design remained the same until the 1981 season. In 1981 the helmet was changed to the current Bengals stripes helmet. The uniforms also donned stripes on the shoulders for the first time. The jersey still stayed all black.

In 2004, this old design was updated with a jersey that featured more accents and more Bengal stripes.


Current Uniform

Now the pants would feature the famous stripes. In the same year and alternate orange jersey would replace the traditional black jersey in some home games.

The Cincinnati Bengals currently have one uniform retired: #54 Bob Johnson.