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Homepage Sources-

Digital Snaps: Timothy Parker- Site gives a information on the popularity of digital cameras and much more.

Picture of Hewlett Packard Digital Camera came from a seller on

Digital vs. Film Sources-

The Never Ending Diatribe of Digital vs. Film: Bill Pierce- Nuts and Bolts column from the Digital Journalist. Discusses where news photography is currently at and that it is unfair to group digital and film as the same medium.

Digital Editing Sources-

Photojournalism Manipulation- Find out more about the OJ Simpson covers as well as other cases of news photo manipulation, such as the National Geographic cover in which they digitally moved the pyramids. OJ Simpson magazine covers were obtained from this website. All the references for the pictures are listed on the site.

If You Think Dodging and Burning is a Problem Now, Just Wait: Dirck Halstead- Article from The Digital Journalist. Discusses how photographers have always "influenced the reality" of photographs, and how this practice is getting easier with Photoshop.

Additional Sources-

Digital Photography vs 35mm: Devin Greaney - Article from ephotozine, gives a look at digital and how it is affecting the town of Austin, Texas.

The Digital Dilemma: Bill Pierce- Nuts and Bolts column from The Digital Journalist. Discusses the conventional darkroom and the digital darkroom.

Digital Cameras vs. Film, Part1: Norman Koren- Perhaps the largest overview I found of this topic. It is broken down into two parts and provides a lot of information.

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