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Great photographs used to be the result of skill, planning, patience, and dedication. Now, thanks to the advancements in technology, digital cameras give everyone the opportunity for quality photos.

picture of digital camera

Digital cameras are becoming more and more popular for a few reasons. First, prices are gradually dropping on them, and second the quality of the picture they produce is continually getting better. When digital cameras first came out their picture quality wasn't the best, and they were pretty expensive when compared to a regular 35mm camera. The masses have taken to digital cameras thanks to lower manufacturing costs, which in turn keeps the prices down, and improvements in the technology, which means better photos.

Digital cameras aren't the only thing changing photography. You can go into any drug store these days and crop, reduce red-eye, and change the lighting on any picture you have lying around. Computers have changed the way we take pictures and will continue to change it. But, I don't feel that means film will ever truly be obsolete, many people, such as myself, will hold on to it.

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