Lawton's Story- Learning to live with epilepsy

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Life can be fulfilling and enjoyable...

Being diagnosed with epilepsy is a life changing event, but it doesn't have to be a life ending one. Although it is impossible to be able to accurately define the total number of existing cases, the Epilepsy Foundation reports that epilepsy and seizures affect 2.5 million Americans of all ages, meaning this disability is not extremly rare and those who suffer from it should not feel alone.

Although epilepsy cannot be cured, due to medical breakthroughs in research and medications, those with epilepsy (also known as seizure disorders,) can live a fairly normal life. This is not to say precautions and lifestyle do not change.

Learning to cope and adapt with epilepsy effects not only the individual with the seizure disorder but the poeple who surround him or her. Seizures can be a frightening and stressful event, but through education and communication, those involved can learn to better deal with trials and learn to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life, even with epilepsy.


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