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Meet Danny

Several months ago, Danny, a wonderfully fluffy Siberian Husky, was sitting on the kitchen tile when he suffered a grand maul seizure. ALthough this seven year old dog has suffered slight tremors in his seven year life, he had never loss such control of his body.

Danny parent's immediatly took him to the vet where he had to stay overnight for observation. The next 48 hours were seizure free for Danny but left many questions unanswered.

Where it gets complicated

Researching the cause of a seizure in an animal can be time consuming and expenisve. Like humans, the cause of seizures is unknown though doctors can speculate. but unlike many humans, most animals are uninsured whic means the pet's care taker is 100% respinsible for all fees acrued in blood tests, hospital stay, medications, etc.

In addition, like humans, many medications can cuase liver problems which requires regular tests to insure healthy liver functions. Also, once medication is started, the body becomes dependant upon it and can suffer attacks if a dose is missed or taken off schedule. With Danny having had only the one seizure incident, his family was uncertain whether prescription medication was the right choice at the time.

Danny's Diagnosis

That was half a year ago. Since then Danny has been diagnosed with epilepsy because he has continued to have attacks.On average he has 2-3 per month and they are just as frightening as when a human seizes.

It is believed that some dogs can sense an approaching seizure and try to find refuge with someone they love. After, dogs have been known to hide in corners and wander aimlessly for several hours. Danny has done this and fro at least half a day he cries. His doctor allows him half an asprine after a seizure to dull the pain, but it is impossible to communicate to him as one would a human and calm his nerves. He whines constanty and refuses to be left alone or to sit still. It is very hard to watch.

Danny is not alone with his struggle. Canine epilepsy is not rare though it rarely recieves attention. like their human counterparts with epilepsy, the disability remains much of a mystery. But like their best friends, dogs can live fairly normal and fulfilling lives, even with epilepsy.

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