Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green

Upcoming Films

Rumor Has It

Aniston plays a woman who discovers that her family may have been the inspiration for the 1960's classic "The Graduate". Kevin Costner stars as her love interest.


Aniston plays the role of "Lucinda" in this thriller. After missing his train, Charles Schine (Clive Owen) becomes involved in a series of chaotic events. Stuart Beattie of "Collateral" wrote the screen play for this adaption of James Siegel's novel.


The diary of Kathryn Fayer, a married woman played by Jennifer Aniston, is stolen and its contents are used against her.


"Gambit" will be the third remake of a Michael Caine film as done by Universal Studios. Aniston will try to fill the shoes of Shirley MacLaine, the former Nicole who is enlisted by a master thief. Currently Ben Kingsley will take Caine's role as Harry Dean.


The Departed

Aniston will try her hand at producing in this drama directed by Martin Scorsese. Matt Damon plays a Mobster posing as a cadet in the police department while Leonardo DiCaprio is an undercover cop posing as a gangster. Each man races to find the mole first.

National Appearances

Summer Olympics

Because of her Greek ancestry, Aniston helped carry the Olympic torch as it headed to Athens for the 2004 Summer Olympics.
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