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The 42-line Bible was already probably near completion by 1455, according to Scholderer. The description of this Bible was named for the number of lines that were in each column from its double-column pages. The process of binding the two volume book, which nearly had 318 to 324 pages, was a tedious process that was completed by Heinrich Cremer of St. Stephens at Mainz on August 24, 1456

About the middle of 1455, the 42-line Bible was taken to the press and ready for sale. The profits from this endeavor were expected to be extremely large. His typographical achievement with the 42-line Bible could not compare to the document printed by his lawyer Johann Fust and his foreman Peter Schoeffer. The Latin Psalter on August 14, 1457 was the first book printed in the West, according to Scholderer.

Book No. 3 The JGV Bible

One note to address is that the press could endure a lot of pressure and Gutenberg's 42-line Bibe was one of the major manuscripts that needed a more sensitive instrument to print the delicate pages of the Bible, according to Moran. In the early stages of printing the pages to Gutenberg Bible, there were press points on the page where the ink was to appear. According to Moran, the press points were marked on the margin of the 42-line Bible in the early developments of prting this holy document.

Book No. 2

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