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What is Halloween without a Party?

Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Invite lots of goblin guests and make sure they all come dressed in costumes.

2. Decorate with inexpensive black and orange streamers, balloons, black tableclothes, spider webs, and cauldrens filled with dry ice.

3. Replace regular light bulbs with black and colored ones. Turn the lights low and everything will glow.

4. Play eerie music filled with screams and howls. In the background a scary movie can play with the sound off.

5. Fill cauldrons and plastic pumpkins with a variety of yummy candy.

6. Here is a spirited cocktail to have your guest's heads spinning!

Creepy Crawler Punch:

4 cups of white Rum

4 cups of Blue Hawaiin Maui Schnapps

1 gallon of Orange Juice

Combine ingrediants in a large punch bowl with a block of ice in the center. Dry ice is also good to use for effect.For more develish cocktails check out Drink Of The Week .