Since Ochs bought the paper is has remained in the family.The Times has always had a strong influence in society and its columnists have always been major opinion leaders. Many well-known columnists, such as Max Frankel, Tom Wicker, and Abe Rosenthal, have written for the Times.

In recent years, however, the reputation of the newspaper has been challenged with allegations and admissions of journalistic fraud and plagiarism. The executive editor, along with several other editors and reporters, resigned in 2003. Many now doubt the reliability and objectivity of the Times.

Despite these setbacks, the Times is still widley respected and recognized as a leader in the news. It won seven Pulitzer Prizes in 2002 for their coverage of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, more than has ever been won in just one year.

Arthur Ochs “Punch” Sulzburger is now publisher of the paper(1).

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