Within five years after Ochs purchased the paper, it became so successful that he built decided to build a new building in a part of town that now shares the paper’s name: Times Square.

Times SqaureOchs established a non-partisan style of reporting for the paper. Under his leadership Carr Van Anda, a legendary managing editor of the Times, came in and established a totally different tone for the paper. Everyone in the office wore a jacket and tie and was addressed as Mr. So-and-so. (There weren’t many women in the newsroom at the time.) Van Anda was so intelligent that he once caught Albert Einstein’s error in an equation in a reporter's story.

When Adolph Ochs finally passed away in 1935, the Associated Press stopped all news running on the wire, and there was a moment with no news in the world. President Roosevelt declared a national day of mourning.


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