Despite this line of thought, many liberals think that the hard news coverage of foreign affairs is right-leaning. According to, "some progressives believe that the Times' reporting of economic policy issues tends to be biased towards upper-class concerns over the concerns of the poor or working-class. Also, some Times political reporters have been accused by liberals of covering politics in a shallow and unreflective fashion that benefits conservatives."

The Times is under constant self-evaluation in order to combat claims such as these. Daniel Okrent, previously mentioned is the Times ombudsman, a government official charged with representing the interests of the public by investigating and addressing complaints reported by individual citizens. After some studies, "he concluded that the Times did have a liberal bias in coverage of certain social issues, gay marriage being the example he used. He claimed that this bias reflected the paper's 'cosmopolitanism', which arose naturally from its roots as a hometown paper of New York City."

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