University Editor: Dwayne Robinson

Robinson has worked for the Alligator for two years. He started as a stringer, or contributing writer, worked as the city and county reporter, and now he is in charge of writers covering four separate beats: administration, student government, Greek and multicultural.


- On writing and working at the Alligator -

"I enjoyed being the watchdog, and I think that's what the Alligator is... We need to cover stuff that students care about."

- On what he wishes readers knew -

"I wish that they knew how much we strained over one word or one adjective. I wish they really were here and saw as we strained about how to word something."


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Metro Editor: Justin Hemlepp

A former reporter for the cops, courts and administration beats, Hemlepp now heads the Metro section of the Alligator. His reporters cover Gainesville and Alachua County outside the realm of UF, which includes courts, cops, City Commission and County Commission.


- On busy days -

"There's other days when it's a little hectic, and there's not enough people to cover all the stories and not enough places to put all the storeis that we would like people to read."

- What he wishes readers knew -

"That we don't seem to have an agenda to speak of, and we do work hard and do our best, do the best we can do put the news out there for 'em, and everybody makes mistakes, but we try not to."

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Features Editor: Kristie Kridel

Following her term as the Alligator's court reporter, Kridel now heads the Features section, a new addition to the paper. She has the responsibility of putting together stories without hard news coverage that appeal to readers.


- Differences being an editor and not a writer -

"The best difference and the hardest thing I think is not being able to do it your way. When I was a writer, I felt like I could write like I wanted to write it... Now, as an editor, I have to know that other people have different styles."

- The best thing about working here -

"I've learned more here, I would say, much more here than any journalism class... I could never have done the internship I did last summer if hadn't have worked here first."

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Freelance Editor: Erika Wise

Wise began as an Alligator copy editor, from which she transitioned to the Freelance editor position. She now is responsible for collaborating with a pool of non-staff writers to cover stories that paid Alligator employees are unable to cover.

Copy Desk Chief: Natalie Liem

Responsible for proofreading and fact-checking every news story in the paper, Liem and the other desk chiefs know grammar and style rules inside and out. Liem and her copy editors ensure what reporters write is true, clear and well-written. She doesn't leave until all the news goes to the production room.


- On what she likes about being Copy Desk Chief-

"I like seeing the whole process, and being on the desk, you really get a good view of everything that's going on, because it has to go through you... they say that copy desk is the gateway that links production and news, and I think that's kinda true."

- On what she wishes readers knew -

"I just wish they knew hard it was and how hard everyone works, and just how really talented everyone is here, and no one has an agenda. I mean, they're just so professional, and we're all still students here, and they expect so much, and we try so hard."

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