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Legislators nationwide are offering measures to encourage healthy food choices and banning the worst temptations.

Convenience plays a huge role in deciding where to eat, along with poverty. According to a survey I conducted with 17 college students, 15 out of 17 said they eat fast food out of convenience.


On that same survey, I asked what age they started to eat fast food and the average age was 5 1/2. Again, eating habits form while at a young age, and if not put on the right track early, health problems could result.

Another reason why Americans may be getting fatter is because the time spent exercising has declined. That is why more children are sitting in front of computers and playing Play Station, and less children are out running around and playing. Adults are driving more and walking less.

According to my survey, 14 out of 17 students said they seldom/never exercise.

Skeptics say the government should stay away from trying to regulate something so personal as what we eat, but supporters say " we cannot ignore a growing public health problem."

Children are easily swayed and that is why policy makers are taking action to protect children from the fast food threat.

  1. Legislators want to limit the advertisements for fast food that are geared toward children. Regulators want to mandate equal time for pro-nutrition meals.
  2. Banning junk food from vending machines. In NYC, in an administrative decision, banned hard candy, doughnuts, soda, and salty chips from its vending machines.
  3. Testing Body Mass Indexes and sending reports home. Pediatricians say that regular tests like this should be performed nationwide to track children at risk of becoming obese.
  4. Restructure school lunch programs to include more healthy foods.
  5. Subsidize healthy foods and drive down prices or fruits and vegetables by 70 percent.
  6. Discourage consumption of poor foods through a “fat tax”, earmarking the funds for nutrition.
  7. Require physical education programs in schools.

Convenience should not be an excuse to eat unhealthy. Read this article to see how to eat healthy conveniently.