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OBESITY is linked to heart disease, which is the number one killer in the U.S.

McDonald's...I'm lovin' it...


The consumption of fast food contributes to America's high obesity rate. Eating foods such as Whoppers, Big Macs and Classic cheeseburgers are unhealthy because they are high in fat, sodium and calories, and they are low in vitamins, minerals and fiber than other foods.

Americans have become lazy, and sometimes, it is indeed easier to drive up to the window of a fast food chain, order what you want, and drive off to your next activity. Just because it is easier to eat fast food, does not mean people should eat unhealthy.

There are many reasons why Americans are addicted to eating fast food. We live in an environment where fast food advertisements rein the TV screens; morning, afternoon and night. Sure genes and self control play a part in fat Americans, but regardless, America is losing the battle against of fast food.

According to a recent study by Children's Hospital of Boston, nearly 1/3 of all children, aged 4-19, eat fast food everyday. This adds on six extra pounds per child. Eating healthy while your young is crucial because that is when you start developing habits, such as eating healthy. Although eating getting a child to eat healthy is difficult, it is not impossible, and most of all, it is important. Childhood obesity is creeping up on our future generation and it will soon lead to serious health problems if not dealth with early. Also, young fat is easier to lose than older fat. We passively let ourselves and out children eat fast food because it is quick and convenient.