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The NHL players are represented by the union-based National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA). The NHLPA and the owners have conflicting views on the salary cap.

The NHLPA feels the salary cap dissolves a player's market value.

The players are willing to compromise with the owners on such issues as revenue sharing, a restrictive rookie salary cap and a five percent cut in salary.

The NHLPA proposed a luxury tax. The luxury tax would be imposed on any team that exceeded a certain amount on payroll. Owners are skeptical of the luxury tax, however, because they believe it will not deter teams from exceeding the payroll ceiling.

Admist the cat and mouse game between both camps, players are looking for employment elsewhere. Over 300 players, including Brad Richards, Most Valuable Player of the Stanley Cup finals, have already signed contracts in other leagues in Russia, Canada, Czech, etc..

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