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There are lots of reasons to adopt a natural lifestyle. Some people do it to lose weight, some for the humane treatment of animals, and some to just stay healthy. But the fundamental philosophy of natural foods is simple:

Because food consumed in most cities is far from where it is produced, the result is canning, processing, freezing and the use of chemicals for preservation. Therefore, the food we eat has lost much of its nutritional value, and is no longer in its natural state. This food is deficient in vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and contains chemicals, which nature never intended for us to eat.

According to an essay written by Jack Solomon, the owner of the first healthfood store in West Palm Beach, this is where the health-food store performs some if its work. It tries to bridge the gap produced by modern society which, although well-fed, is undernourished.

Some of the basic food philosophies that the health industry advocates:

  • Stone ground wheat, corn or rye instead of flour and cereal that contain bleached white flour, and are produced by mechanical methods.
  • Food grown in organically enriched and mineralized soil, instead of a chemically fertilized one.
  • A proper food combination of protein, greens and grains, rather than a hodge-podge meal.
  • Food that's eaten for nutritive value, not solely its calorie content.
  • Taking vitamins and minerals in their natural form, rather than the synthetic form.
  • The idea that food can overcome nutritional deficiencies.

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