According to Careers in Marketing Web site, the time is ripe for indivduals seeking jobs as Public Relations practioners to acquire more technical training on handling the Internet.

"Agencies which are well-versed in nontraditional media outlets such as the Internet are also gaining new business at a high rate. This trend is likely to continue as the Internet, online services and home interactive TV grows in size. Now is a good time to combine your marketing savvy with some technical training," the career developer Web site said.

And the industry is responding.

During PRSA's annual conventions, seminars frequently include topics related to the Internet and using the World Wide Web.

According to a 1998 article from Pr News, corporations are also instructing their employees on using the Internet. The Pr News article reported a study that found more than 90 percent of corporations had policies regarding email, Web sites, and using the Internet to communicate with publics.



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