~Gossip With Air Time And Living Color

Gossip is not limited to being passed around the office or through the pages of a gossip column or magazine. No, the reaches of gossip extend way beyond the interpersonal communication and the written word. Enter here: entertainment shows that feature all the latest gossip, delivered to you courtesy of a gossip "host."

~Humble, If Not Embarrassing, Beginnings

When the television show Hard Copy first aired in 1989, it was a new kind of show, offering news in a tabloidian, gossipy form. As reviewer Jean-Marc Rocher wrote, "As investigative news shows and daytime talk shows began to get more and more sensational, this program combined the two formats to create a news program that specialized in celebrity scandals, corporate conspiracies, and bizarre cult practices."(10)

While Hard Copy's method of communication of gossip wasn't the typical whispering in someone's ear that we might assume, it was a crude, indulgent presentation of gossip nonetheless. Although Hard Copy is no longer on the air, it did set the precedent for other evening "entertainment" shows full of gossip including, Entertainment Tonight, Extra and E! Entertainment.

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