~Gossip As A Powerful Social Weapon

Sociologists have called gossip a "social weapon," a harmful tool that some will use against others.(4) With nicknames like "gossip hounds" being given to those who gossip, it is no wonder that gossip and its effects carry a strong negative influence.

Nigel Nicholson, Ph.D., points out that there are two sides to the act of gossip.(9) The first side being the one who is sharing the gossip, and ultimately enjoying his or her self while doing it. The other side would of course be the one that the gossip is about, the one who experiences the effects of the gossip.

Doctor Nicholson is quick to point out the importance and inevitability of gossip in our lives. Gossip is a natural thing, that is bound to take place, either in the workplace, school or community. What Nicholson wants us to examine is the content of the gossip as to whether it is healthy and natural in our lives.

~Getting To The Root Of The Gossip- What Makes It Okay?

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