~The New York Post's -Page Six- Started It All

Printed gossip can be traced back to the notorious "page six" of the New York Post tabloid magazine. The gossip column that now covers multiple pages beyond six, first appeared in 1977, under the leadership of James Brady.(3) While his name may mean nothing to most of us, Rupert Murdoch, Brady's employer's name, should strike a ringing bell sound with us all. Murdoch purchased the struggling tabloid in 1976, and decided that a gossip column would be a good way to mark a new beginning under the tabloid's new ownership. Brady was well known for his work with the National Star, which today we know as just Star.

The Post's "page six" signaled the beginning of a gossip column being written by a series of writers rather than an individual. Some of the former "page six" reporters include, Anna Quindlen and Claudia Cohen. Since its inception, the blunt, often sarcastic column has been airing the dirty laundry of movie stars, politicians and many of those in the watchful public eye.

~Famous "Page-Sixers"

Famous "page sixers" span a wide range of people, including, lawyers from the Joe McCarthy trial, Muhammad Ali, Jackie O, Paul Newman, Brittany Spears and just about anyone you can think of who might be in the public arena.

Check out the latest headlines on the New York Post page six gossip column.

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