The Vicious Art of Gossip

~Gossip As A Mysterious Social Weapon

Everyday we are all surrounded by the mysteriously overwhelming presence of gossip. The little whispering that you here being muttered in line in front of the coffee pot at work. The "Hey, did you hear...?" being exclaimed on the bus. Standing in line at the grocery store, your eyes need only to rotate about 45 degrees to your left or right to see blaring yellow, white or red headlines promising maximum satisfaction and entertainment with all the latest Hollywood gossip. Is gossip just the harmless chatter that we think it is?

~The Questions At Hand

The question that we have to ask ourselves is why do we have this insatiable thirst for juicy gossip? How has gossip come to be something synonymous with malicious talk, idle talk or chitchat?(1) Does it stem from inability to keep a secret? Or is it more of a desperate way that we use to make a connection with other people? Is sharing what you heard about the _____'s marital difficulties helpful to them in some way? Have we taken our powers as innocent, gossiping bystanders too lightly? You might find an answer to these questions here, but only if you can keep it to yourself.

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