People of all ages will adore having a Manx cat as a pet. They are wonderful with children because of their even temperament. The whole family can be their best friend, as they usually do not pick favorites. They often play a lot, even as they mature. Like dogs, they are known to greet their owners by the door when they arrive home, and also like to sleep with their family. Manx cats live about twenty years, so there is plenty time to be spent with them. Most breeders would not recommend taking home a Manx kitten until it is four months old because of the possibility of Manx Syndrome.
Besides being great companions, Manx cats are smart animals. They come when you call their name and they learn commands, such as "no" rather quickly. Litter box training is simple for most Manx cats, so they are great for owners with little patience.



Tiki, a five-month old Rumpy Manx, awaits her owners.



In Florida there are various places to adopt a Manx cat. Below is a list of a few places.

Manx Cat Rescue & Referral of FL
Patricia Hawk email:

Manx & Bobtail Cats, Tailend Rescue
Contact: Lisa - (407) 957-2144

Friends of Felines Purebred Cat Rescue
8142 PineVerde Lane
Jacksonville, FL 32244
Phone: 904-269-0435

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