Manx cats are not a different species than other domestic cats, but they carry a gene that causes their taillessness. Edward Forbes, a famous Manx zoologist, discovered the gene. Manx cats come from the Isle of Man, a small island in between Ireland in England.
There are several myths surrounding the ways in which Manx cats came to inhibit the Isle of Man. They usually involve a ship wreck, but which one is still unknown. Some believe two Spanish Armanda ships were sunk in Spanish Point near Port Erin, and that the tailless cats swan for safety to the island. Another myth links the cats to a Baltic ship wrecked off Castle Rushen and Calf Island.
Other myths have developed as to why there were even tailless cats in the first place. Below are theories that may explain the truth.


This Rumpy Calico Manx may have anestery from the Isle of Man.


-When Noah was gathering two kinds of every animal for his ark a cat ignored him because he had already found a shelter from the rain. When the water began to rise, the cat hurried towards the ark and barely made it in, as Noah shut the door. Although he had made it inside the ark, his tail did not, as it was shut in the door and fell off.

-Also, using the tale of Noah’s Ark, is a myth that the cat came onto the ark and the dog never liked him. The dog bit off his tail for spite and the cat was embarrassed. When the ark stopped at Ararat, the ashamed cat ran off and swan to the Isle of Man.

-Irish warriors or Vikings, (the story is told both ways), invaded the Isle of Man. When they saw the cats, they attacked them and cut off their tails for trophies to use as decorations for their helmets.

-When the same warriors above invaded the Isle of Man, the mother cats bit off the tails of their kittens to prevent the warriors from snatching them up by their tail.

-Manx cats come from a mixed breed of cats and rabbits. This myth evolves from the Manx cat’s absence of a tail, big ears, and long powerful hind legs. It is rumored to have also started from Manx Syndrome where the cats were not able to walk properly.

Tiki, has big ears, which may explain why some people believe Manx cats are mixed with rabbits.


Scientific Theory
The science community has an explanation of their own. It is believed that Manx cats developed simply by a mutation in the genes. Since the cats were all on one small island and had a community that was isolated from other cats, all the cats were eventually took on this gene.

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