Where to Buy?

Buying Second Hand

There are several ways to buy a diamond second hand. The most common problem that I encounter is that most buyers do not want to buy something that has been worn or owned by someone esle, yes that means used. If you have accepted the fact that diamonds are forever than it should be quite simple to understand why this alternative is better.

Diamonds traders have a different perspective on the used opinion, and that is diamonds are diamonds. These stones get traded, sold or passed down in a cycle from day to day. There is a possibility that a diamond you may have bought before is used as well. The next question asked by most entry-level buyers is what about the ring itself? Well, luckily for you there are several manufacturers online that can provide you with a new ring, also known as a setting, for a very low cost.

So where do you get these low cost diamonds from? Well, you can start by checking your local newspaper's classified section. There usually is someone trying to sell jewelry privately. If the description of the diamond fits your need, than its worth taking a look at. Remember to apply the basic that you have learned in this site.

The next possible place to purchase low cost diamonds is in estate sales. There are hundreds of beautiful pieces being sold in estate sales, especially vintage pieces. If you are looking for something authentic than estate sales is where its at.

The last spot that I would strongly recommend to visit is your local pawn shops. Pawn shops carry a wide selection of diamonds and if you are any good at negotiating than you could really walk out with a steal. Regardless of which alternative or method you use, remember to be patient and thorough and you could save hundreds to thousands.