Where to Buy?

There are two alternatives when it comes to buying diamonds.

Retail Stores

Buying diamonds at a retail store is relatively expensive. Retail stores provide convenience and a pleasant environment to shop around in. Unfortunately you have to pay for all of these commodities. I would recommend going to jewelry stores so that you can gain some experience in the market. However, if you would really like to get the bang for your buck there is another alternative to buying diamonds.

Before addressing the second alternative to buying, you may ask yourself " Is this diamond fake"?

Determining a diamonds authenticity is a difficult task, but don't be scared. If you see a diamond that is too good to be true, than it probably is. Jewelers have much experience in this department but they still use carbon testing tools to test a diamond that may seem counterfit. If you do find a stone that seems legitimate and is selling for a good price, and you still don't feel confident about its authenticity than ask the seller for an appraisal, or if they would mind getting one.