The cut generally speaks of a diamond’s shape, but there are other important attributes that may add value to a diamond by its cut. Like all factors in grading diamonds, there are good and bad cut diamonds. Good cuts tend to use the most of light as it enters the stone and refracts off of the facets to give it a shine sometimes called fire. A well-cut diamond will also be consistent in proportion and have a great finish. In the older days of diamond cutting, jewelers would shape stones by hand leaving a stone slightly disproportioned. These cuts are called miners cuts, and can usually be distinguished by checking if the culet (The bottom point of a round diamond) has been cut off.

Diamonds are cut into several shapes like the ones seen above. Some of the most common are Rounds, Pear shaped, Marquis and Emerald cut.

Great cut diamonds will affect the price of a stone, but it also will add a significant quality to the diamond. Today, many diamond companies use laser technology to create symmetrical cuts, but not all companies have the same geometry.