Carat- Size does Matter

Not to be confused with Karat, a unit of measure used in describing the quality of gold. A Carat in the diamond industry is a unit of measure describing its weight, and for all you guys out there shopping for that right ring, this is probably the first factor that you will decide on. Remember the larger the stone, the higher the price tag. Carats can also be also referred to as points, 100 points = 1 Ct. So if you are looking at a ring and a salesman tells you its 104 pts., than you know the stone is 1.04 cts.. Another term you should become familiar with is Total Weight. Some rings may come with more than just a center stone; for example, a very popular ring at the moment is the three stone setting. The ring consists of a larger center stone and two smaller stones surrounding the center. There is an example below.

In this example, the center stone weighs 35pts while the surrounding stones weigh 27pts each. This will give us a Total Weight of 89 pts, just shy of a full Carat by 11pts. Take note that 89 pts. is the Total Weight, do not get confused and think that the center stone is near a full Carat when it actually only weighs .35 of a Carat.

The reason these rings tend to be popular is because of the message sold behind them. You might hear a salesman tell you that the three stones represent past, present and future. As a man, this might not mean much, but once you pass down that emotional sales line to your lover you will definitely understand.