J.R.R. Tolkien. Lord of the Rings. New York, Houghton Miffin Company, 1987.

The novel being studied. The edition used is the large, one-volume edition published by Houghton Miffin after the release of the motion picture trilogy, each film being based on each of the three volumes that comprise this novel.

Bassham, Gregory and Eric Bronson. The Lord of the Rings and Philosophy: One Book to Rule Them All. Chicago, Open Court Publishing, 2003

A collection of essays and writings analyzing the novel from a philosophical standpoint. Emphasizes the novel's development of basic human desires and characteristics, such as friendship, greed, and one's struggle with good and evil.

Isaacs, Neil D. and Rose A. Zimbardo. Tolkien and the Critics. Notre Dame, Ind., University of Notre Dame Press, 1968.

Literary criticisms on The Lord of the Rings.


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