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Sprouting Basics

"Economically and nutritionally, sprouts are a wonderful addition to anyone's diet," says Rita Romano.

Sprouts help to eliminate gas, heartburn and toxic waste in the body. They also provide you with more protein, nutrients, vitality, water and oxygen then another foods.

Sprouting is very easy, all you need is a couple of mason jars, screen, a rubber band and some seeds, and you can make your own sprouting jars in a few minutes. If you rather spend a few dollars, then I would suggest checking with one of the local health food stores where you live.

If you're not sure where any health food stores are in your area, or if you plan to take a trip and you want to know where you can shop while your out of town, then check with Green People, for they have a list of many health stores in every states.

For step by step instructions on how to start sprouting in your home check out Sprouting at Home by Jim Mumm.

If you’re really serious about sprouting, I recommend you read the Sprout Garden by Mark Matthew Braunstein.