RAW FOOD 101 © 2004
Getting Started

Slowly does it
Slowly introduce live foods into your diet. If you have never exercised before, to be successful it would be a good idea to workout in short time frames instead of going to the gym for three hours. The same idea applies to starting a new diet.

If you introduce a few new foods at each meal, you'll be much more successful than if you tried to implement a total uncooked diet overnight. In the book Conscious Eating ², author Dr. Gabriel Cousens said that when live foods are taken on too quickly "people sometimes have trouble digesting them."

To be on the safe side, a salad at every meal with several vegetables and some seeds is one great way to begin. As you feel comfortable, continue adding more live foods at each meal, and every other time you add something new also try to remove something cooked.

Food Diary
Record what you eat and drink daily, for this is an excellent way to monitor whether you’re getting enough nutrition. Tracking down what you eat can also motivate you to continue incorporating raw food into your diet.

Creating a food diary is very simple when using computer database programs, such as Microsoft Excel. If you don't have access to a computer, handwritten-food diaries are just as effective.

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