RAW FOOD 101 © 2004
Facts About Raw Foods

Have you ever suffered from colds, fevers, headaches, body pains, allergies, etc. How many animals do you see blowing their noses? You think you are healthy, yet you've never experience real health.

"We are all aware that engines perform well or poorly, depending upon the quality of the fuel used,” said T.C. Fry, author of Should We Eat Living Foods or Dead Foods? “Few of us realize that food quality determines our physical and mental performance abilities.

Eating raw food will benefit you by:
  • Decreasing your need for sleep, yet you’ll feeling better rested than ever
  • Decreasing your risk of cancer because you'll consume less free radicals
  • Decreasing your risk of heart disease
  • Easing Arthritis (Bromelain in pineapple)
  • Helping with skin appearance i.e. decreases acne or wrinkles
  • Helping you loose weight
  • Increasing concentration
  • Increasing your energy
  • Increasing your mental stability
  • Making you feeling better, for your often in a state of euphoria
  • Saving you money on food, vitamins, pots and pans, appliances, doctor's bills, drugs and health insurance.

    What’s wrong with cooked food? Besides the fact that it clogs up you body, beginning with your large intestine or colon, it also causes you to degenerate prematurely. Did you know that natural cause of death is so rare that it's no longer listed in statistics or almanacs?

    Eating cooked food has many negative affects here are a few:
  • 30% to 50% of vitamins & minerals are destroyed when cooked
  • 100% of enzymes are damaged
  • Valuable oxygen is lost
  • Free radicals are produced, which can lead to cancer
  • The body prematurely ages
  • 50% of proteins are destroyed