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Exercising Basics

Regardless of what diet you're trying, staying physically active is extremely important. In an article from Saint Louis University, titled How Much Exercise Is Enough?, it says that a minimum of 30 minutes of daily aerobic activity is recommended.

When you start to incorporate more raw foods into your diet you will see immediate weight loss results, but loosing weight does not mean that your heart is healthy. Your heart is a muscle, and muscles must used otherwise they stop working.

Taking a personal fitness test is an excellent way to monitor how healthy you are from a flexibilty, endurance and physical strength point of view. At the University of Florida, where I go to school, they offer free personal fitness test, so I decided to check how healthy I was after being on a raw food diet for more than a month.

Overall I scored in the average or above average categories for the various activities the lifestyle appraiser put me through. For a thorough analysis of how fit I was on 11/9/2004 come back soon to hear the an audio clip of what the health appraiser had to say, for I haven't yet figured out how to get the audio quicktime file to work properly.