They Fought Too
Animals in Combat


Not just sea lion around:

According to published reports, in advance of the latest conflict in the Gulf, the U.S. Navy sent a cadre of specially trained sea lions to protect its ships in the region. The Navy cares for 20 trained sea lions as part of its long-running Marine Mammal Program.

The sea lions are trained to look for enemy frogmen. When an underwater intruder is located near a ship, the sea lion stealthily approaches and snaps a spring-loaded clamp attached to a line onto the diver's leg. Once the sea lion has made a collar, it surfaces and alerts sailors to the capture.

The program also recruits and trains bottle-nosed dolphins. In 1965, a bottle-nosed dolphin named Tuffy became the first to conclusively prove that marine mammals could help out in military operations when the dolphin dove 200 feet underwater to bring supplies to a Sea Lab.

Sources: USA Today, Village Voice.







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