They Fought Too
Animals in Combat


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I'm Jason Working, a journalism grad student at the University of Florida. My interests include journalism, film and music. This site is a project for an Electronic Publishing course I took. I had originally planned to have the entire site focus on telling the story of Project X-Ray (the bat-bomb fiasco). But in the course of my research I kept finding great stories about animal war heroes.

When I read about the cat that slaughtered a ship-load of rats after taking several shrapnel wounds, I knew I wanted to shift the focus of the site. And who isn't going to want to hear a story about a one legged pigeon, shot full of holes, saving an entire Division of soldiers. Mad props to Cher Ami. We need more like him these days.

Before you go, take a look at this very cool video clip of hundreds of thousands of bats kicking off their nightly foray out over Lake Alice on the University of Florida campus. In their own way, these bats are heroes. They chow down on tons of mosquitoes every year. Thanks for stopping by.

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