A new trend
Jennifer Pressly, a student at the University of North Texas, said she would rather take her history course in her dorm room than in a packed lecture hall.
Pressly chose Internet classes so she could stay in her pajamas.
She is just one of thousands of college students who are turning toward an Internet education in a trend growing across the nation. Read more

Getting an online degree
Kyle Frederick of Allentown, Pa., managed to earn his master's degree in business administration while balancing a full-time job and a family.
He spent two years taking classes online at Jones International University. Although Frederick received a promotion with his master's degree, some employers say they don't look favorably on virtual education. Read more

Hot spots
A review of five schools with online degree programs
including the University of Florida, Syracuse University, Emory University, Texas Woman's University and Duke University.

Hip clicks
How do virtual students apply for financial aid? Which programs are accredited? What subject areas offer online programs? Helpful links to getting a Web-based education.

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