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Coffee Consumption

bean button According to the International Coffee Organization's June 2002 report, world coffee consumption was 61,778,000 bags* of coffee in the 2000/01 year.

bean button The United States consumed 19,416,000 bags

bean button The lowest consumption listed was Singapore at zero bags, with Fuji coming in second at 3,000 bags.

bean button The highest rate of consumption for a single country was the United States for 2000/01 and the five years prior.

bean button Germany consumed the second highest amount for the 00/02 year at 9,668,000 bags, followed by Japan with 6,831,000 bags.

bean button Per pound, coffee that is not Fair Trade certified is about 43 cents right now.

bean button Coffee is the most exported resource second only to oil. For some developing countries it represents a majority of their exports.


World Coffee Consumption by Importing Member Country

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