One look at Stuart Rocks and you’ll have no questions on where the name came from. There are two sandy parking lots, one on either side of the road, with plenty of space to park anytime.

Rocks is the local surf break. So, this beach would not rank high for travelers looking to relax and play in the shorebreak. Although you might not be surfing here, locals have been known to vandalize cars with license plates from outside counties. Don’t be frightened but be warned.

The rocky shoreline here is isolated to one main section. Sand beaches north and south of this outcropping makes for great walks.

Rocks does have bathrooms and showers. But with a sandy parking lot, keeping your car clean can be a challenge.

Thanks to the rocky bottom, and the curve of the coastline, Rocks has the best waves in the county. If the other beaches have sloppy waves, Rocks usually has clean ones. The surf breaks both right and left, so surfers also have the best selection of wave types here.

Avoid low tide. Even at high tide, falling off your board could still mean a tumble across the rocks.

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