Jensen Beach marks the northern edge of Martin County. Unlike the southern beaches, the fastest way here is to take the 42nd Street causeway from the City of Jensen Beach.

Driving east over the bridges and toward the ocean, it is very common to see families having picnics on the causeway. When the wind is strong, windsurfers and small sailboats clutter the Intracoastal Waterway.

Jensen Beach is similar in size and design to Stuart Beach, with a massive pavement parking lot.

There is also a snack bar to buy everything form sandwiches and chicken fingers, to ice cream and candy. Teenagers gather at the nearby tables on the weekends.

On the south side of the snack bar are bathrooms, along with several outside showers.

Much like Stuart Beach, Jensen Beach attracts the most beachgoers, especially those from the City of Jensen Beach and Port St. Lucie to the north.

Wide open beaches make finding a spot for a group easy. Lifeguards are on watch during daylight hours.

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Jensen Beach Snack bar.
Wide beaches.
Lifeguards on watch.
Bathrooms and showers.

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